Your Food Brands


Our company

"Your Food Brands" is a globally active Austrian company, which manages the development, sales, marketing and distribution of brand products in the field FOOD.


Our clients are the national and international chains of the retail and wholesale sector, as well as Cash & Carry and drugstores.


The main focus for the selection of our partner suppliers is put on the fact that we can supply both international brands and private label products in all the required price segments.


We gain the satisfaction of our clients through an innovative and market conform assortment, optimal customer support from headquarters and customer oriented service.


Our corporate philosophy is to represent maximum of eight companies per country. This enables us to give you our full support in your target country.


Thanks to our very lean corporate structure, we are in the position to ensure you that your brands as well as your private labels are supplied to the retail sector and, ultimately, to the consumer in a very cost-efficient manner.